In the mid-90s, Sid Vicious was slowly climbing the ranks in the WWE, while Shawn Michaels had already made it to the top. Sid returned to the WWE in 1995 from USWA, and served as Shawn Michaels’s on-screen bodyguard, and at the time, Michaels was seen as someone that was difficult to work with.

It was at this time that reports emerged about a backstage scuffle involving Shawn Michaels and The Harris Brothers. Ron and Don Harris, who were then performing as The Blu Brothers and had already given their notice reportedly threatened Shawn, and while Michaels wasn’t physically harmed, the story quickly caught fire and the fans have since been intrigued by the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Former WWE Champion ‘Psycho’ Sid Vicious recently appeared on The Hannibal TV, and talked about what exactly happened between the Showstopper and The Harris Brothers.

“It was Madison Square Garden”, Sid stated. “And I swear this is what happened because Ron told me this word for word, and Don was there too. What happened was, and people don’t realise this, this is no exaggeration. These guys including me weren’t getting paid for weeks and weeks upon time. Lot of us, not everyone, some of us had money saved up so that we could make it on the road, and we did get paid, it just took a while to get paid. So what the guys would do is, they would take their draws, get to their home and put it in their debit or credit card account, and that would help them pay bills and get back on the road the next time.

“So what happened was, and they weren’t the only ones that did it. Several people had to quit because they just couldn’t afford to go on the road. So Shawn, who like me was getting paid well while those guys weren’t, called them ‘pu**ies’ or quitters? he said something to them. And then Ron grabbed him by the throat and knocked him up against the wall, or something like that. I remember that happened because it really bothered Kevin (Nash). Kevin was going to beat Don up, which would have never happened. Don would have killed him. I think it was Ron who did that.”