‘Famous Dick Wrestler’ Joey Ryan recently stopped by 317 Gimmick Street for an in-person conversation with WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin on The Steve Austin Show. During the podcast Austin and Ryan joked about having a match at WrestleMania 35 and Austin shared that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon gets mad when ‘Stone Cold’ teases a return match.

During the interview, Austin made mention of the fact that he has been putting in a lot of effort in the gym for some upcoming projects. Ryan, the only guest to ever wear a shirt and tie on the podcast, asked if he is getting ready for a WrestleMania match. ‘The Rattlesnake’ retorted that he would only return to the ring for a WrestleMania bout against ‘The King Of Dong Style’.

“I just got back from my fitness program, trying to get back in shape, so I was eating meal number two,” Austin said.

“Getting in WrestleMania shape?” Ryan asked.

“Only if it’s going to be you and me, Joey. Austin and Ryan!” Austin joked.

“You’re going to have to politic for that one. You’re going to have to politic hard for that one,” Ryan replied.

“Austin and Ryan at [WrestleMania] 35! If I make the call, it’ll happen.” Austin claimed.

Austin went on to say that McMahon gets very angry when ‘The Bionic Redneck’ teases about making a comeback.  

“Dude, anyway, I’m not going to tease it that much because Vince always gets hotter than hell at me if I tease a match,” Austin shared.

Later in the show, Austin joked about having a match at ALL IN 2.

“These people were on fire the whole damn time. I would have loved to have worked in front of that crowd. They were on fire,” Austin said of the ALL IN crowd from Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

“I’m sure [Cody and The Young Bucks] would have given you a spot if you wanted to come work,” Ryan deadpanned.

“I might call them next year. You’ve always got to save something for the next one,” Austin responded.

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Source: The Steve Austin Show