No DQ Match: Triple H vs. The Undertaker

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. HBK waits to be in Triple H’s corner. The music hits and out comes The Game next. The pyro hits next as Kane comes out to be in The Dead Man’s corner. The Undertaker is out last as the bells toll.

We get a formal ring introduction from JoJo before the bell. She announces that the match will now be No Disqualification, a change apparently ordered by Triple H. They meet in the middle of the ring and face off. Taker cuts his own throat and the crowd pops. They get ready to fight and there’s the bell. Taker goes at Triple H in the corner but Triple H ducks. Triple H ducks again in the opposite corner. Triple H puts his chin out and dares Taker. Triple H unloads, backing Taker into the corner. Taker grabs Triple H and tosses him in the corner but misses a right hand. Triple H mocks Taker. Shawn gets on the apron and talks some with Triple H. Kane also makes a brief apron appearance.

Taker looks to hit Old School but Triple H blocks it. Triple H goes to work on Taker’s arm and shoulder now. Triple H tries to steal Old School but Taker blocks it and goes to work with strikes. Taker drops Triple H with a big right hand. Taker works on Triple H’s arm now. Taker goes back to the ropes and finally connects with Old School. Taker works Triple H over in the corner now. Taker scoops Triple H for Snake Eyes. Triple H comes right back and drops Taker with a running high knee.

Shawn gets on the apron again and distracts Taker, allowing Triple H to clothesline him to the floor. Taker grabs Shawn by his throat but Triple H decks him. Shawn sends Taker into the steel ring post as the referee isn’t looking. Kane approaches but Shawn gets out of the way. Triple H goes back out and whips Taker into the barrier. Triple H whips Taker knees-first into the steel steps now. Shawn grabs a table and Triple H helps him stand it up. Kane and Shawn have a brief stand-off on the outside. Triple H looks to hit a Pedigree on the floor, maybe into the table, but Taker backdrops him on the floor. Taker slams Triple H head-first into the steps. They bring it back into the ring and Triple H hits a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count.

Triple H stands over Taker as a “this is awesome” chant starts up. Triple H works Taker over with strikes now. Taker fights back and unloads with strikes, dropping Triple H with an uppercut. Triple H counters and hits the knee to the jaw for a 2 count. Triple H comes off the second rope but Taker grabs him, sending him over the top to the floor and the barrier. Shawn checks on Triple H now. Taker follows to the floor and whips Triple H over into the timekeeper’s area. Taker takes apart the announce table now. Shawn tests Taker. Triple H comes from behind and rocks Taker. Triple H with more strikes on the floor. Triple H charges but Taker backdrops him into the crowd. Taker follows Triple H into the crowd now. Taker keeps control going into a production area. Taker chokes Triple H with a cord but Triple H escapes. Taker blocks a Pedigree. They fight through the crowd some more now. Triple H tries to retreat but Taker follows. Taker tries to drag Triple H back to the ringside area now. Taker drops Triple H and goes under the ring. HBK runs over but Taker drops him with a right hand. Taker brings a steel chair from under the ring but Triple H brings it in the ring. Taker blocks a chair shot and drops Triple H with a big boot.

Taker keeps control and delivers a chair shot to the back on the floor. Fans chant “holy s–t” now. Taker with another chair shot to the gut on the outside. Taker places Triple H on the table and goes back to the apron. HBK approaches but Taker drops him with a big boot. Taker runs the ropes to leap out through the table but Triple H runs in with a chair shot to the gut. Taker goes down. Kane pulls Triple H to the floor and grabs him by the throat. HBK comes over but Kane grabs him also. HBK drops Kane with Sweet Chin Music, sending him on top of the table. Triple H comes off the apron with an elbow drop, putting Kane through the table.

Triple H goes to the top with the chair now. Triple H comes off the top with the chair but Taker grabs him and nails the chokeslam. Taker scoops Triple H for the Tombstone piledriver now and he nails it in the middle of the ring. Taker covers but Triple H kicks out at 2. Taker can’t believe it. Taker responds by dropping the referee with a punch. Taker points out at Shawn and tells him he’s next. Taker grabs the chair and kicks the referee out of the ring. Taker kicks Triple H in the head. Taker talks trash to Shawn, who is still on the outside. Taker with a big chair shot over the back of Triple H. Taker taunts Shawn again. Taker with another chair shot over Triple H’s back, bending the chair. Taker places the mangled chair around Triple H’s neck. Shawn gets on the apron and pleads with The Dead Man. Shawn runs in but Taker turns around to drop him with a right hand. Triple H takes advantage and hits Taker with a Spinebuster.

Taker grabs Triple H for a chokeslam but Triple H kicks him. Triple H with a Pedigree as a new referee enters the ring. Taker kicks out at 2 and Triple H can’t believe it. Triple H places the chair around Taker’s neck and delivers a big knee from the top. Triple H covers for a 2 count as Kane pulls the referee out of the ring to the floor. Shawn brings Triple H’s sledgehammer from under the ring, sliding it in to Triple H. Kane slides a chair to Taker. Taker gets up and swings the chair as Triple H gets up and swings the sledgehammer. Triple H connects and drops Taker. Triple H covers for the pin but the referees are laid out on the floor. Triple H tries to pick Taker up but Taker pulls him into the Hell’s Gate submission. Triple H chokes Taker with the sledgehammer handle while in the Hell’s Gate. They both collapse and the holds are broken. Fans cheer them on.

Taker looks to go for the sledgehammer but Shawn runs in and grabs it. Kane stops him but Shawn goes low and stops Kane. Kane and Shawn both end up on the outside. Taker gets up to his feet first. Triple H is right behind him. Taker grabs the sledgehammer but Triple H blocks it. Taker blocks a Pedigree and back body-drops Triple H. Taker with a chokeslam. Taker goes for a Tombstone but Shawn runs in with Sweet Chin Music Taker is still standing and blocks a second Sweet Chin Music and scoops Shawn for a Tombstone but Triple H drops Taker with a sledgehammer shot. This leads to Shawn connecting with a stiff Sweet Chin Music. Taker falls into a Pedigree and Triple H covers for the pin.

Winner: Triple H

– After the match, Triple H’s music hits as he struggles to stand tall with Shawn. We go to replays and come back to DX hugging in the middle of the ring. Taker is still down as Shawn helps Triple H stay on his feet. Kane is still laid out on the outside. Taker looks up at Shawn and Taker from the corner. Kane also looks at them from his knees on the apron. Shawn and Triple H stare down at Taker and Kane. Taker nods at Triple H and hands him the sledgehammer back. Triple H offers his hand to Taker, dropping down instead to say a few positive words to him. Shawn does the same. Triple H helps Taker to his feet as fans cheer. Triple H and Taker hug in the middle of the ring as Kane enters. Kane shakes Triple H’s hand. Kane and Taker stand with Triple H and Shawn in the middle of the ring, their arms raised in the air. The fireworks go off around the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia. The four WWE Legends receive a standing ovation as their celebration continues. Taker suddenly turns to Kane. Taker drops Triple H with a Tombstone as Kane rocks Shawn. Shawn gets up fighting but The Brothers of Destruction toss him out of the ring. Taker and Kane work Shawn over on the floor now. They clear the announce table and Taker chokeslams Shawn through it. A referee checks on Shawn as he lays in the debris. The bells toll as The Brothers of Destruction make their exit to the stage. A referee enters the ring to check on Triple H but he’s laid out. Taker and Kane march to the back as WWE Super Show-Down goes off the air.

These results are from our WWE Super Show-Down coverage. You can access the full live report by clicking here.