Alberto Del Rio Discusses Why He Stopped Going Out In Public After Paige Relationship

Alberto Del Rio and Paige had a public relationship from early 2016 to late 2017. The couple were even engaged before calling off not only the engagement but their entire relationship. At one point Del Rio was investigated for domestic battery, though he was later cleared and Paige admitted that she was the aggressor in that situation.


Still though, many fans haven't been shy about their disdain for Del Rio and some think he was the reason for all of the problems Paige went through. Del Rio joined Mark Henry on Busted Open Radio where he talked about being judged out in public and on social media after his breakup with Paige.

"Those are situations that are really difficult to handle, unfortunately," said Del Rio. "I have to say it again, unfortunately these days you can't do anything. We always talk about bullying, bullies, that is what social media is. It's just people we gave a voice to who didn't deserve to have a voice. You will never see someone like Mark Henry tweeting and giving crap to another athlete or another wrestler about their personal life. In my situation, to be honest, with me I don't care."


Del Rio has brought some of this upon himself with his own social media posts. In September he posted an Instagram comment in which he brought up Paige's issues with mental health and referenced her being arrested multiple times.

Even if he avoids social media, Del Rio says that he still gets judged whenever he goes out in public by people looking for something to prove.

"I stopped going out because Mark Henry was telling us in the beginning of this chat you always have stupid people approaching you and wanting to give you a hard time just because of who you are. I got tired of going to places and people wanting to pick fights with me or to prove something themselves or their drunk friends, so I decided to stop going out," revealed Del Rio.

"When it comes to things like social media, the only time I go crazy is when my kids get affected like when they get someone stupid saying something ignorant to them about me because they are babies. Someone says something bad about their father. I have been saying this from the beginning: people are going to say whatever they want to say or believe whatever they want to believe. I say this to people: stick to the facts. The things that some loser said? No, stick to the facts, show me evidence, which is all I am going to say about it."


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Source: Busted Open Radio

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.