Since leaving Impact Wrestling in April, Alberto Del Rio is enjoying his time away from the ring. As a recent guest on Busted Open Radio, Del Rio revealed that intends to make a return to Mixed Martial Arts.

Del Rio has nine wins in 14 professional MMA fights. He hasn’t fought in a number of years, and he said he is working hard to get back into fighting shape. Del Rio said he expects to return to competition in the first quarter of 2019.

“End of March, beginning of April. My last pro fight was 11, 12 years ago in Japan. Of course I train every single day, but it is different to be in shape and into fighting shape and I am getting into fighting shape,” Del Rio said. “I am doing this for the right reasons. I am not only doing this for the money–although, don’t get me wrong, the money is fantastic, but I am doing it for other reasons than just the money.”

At 40 years old, Del Rio knows he has to be smart about his MMA training. He said he has hired a nutritionist to make sure he’s eating correctly and he joined a fight camp in Texas that he believes is the right fit for him.

“I am training everyday, but of course now I am 40 and have a group of people telling me. Of course, I was trying to train the same way and eating the same way, but no, you have to change certain stuff if you want to continue training that way then you have to change the way you are eating and your sleeping patterns and all of those things,” he said. “Of course I am no expert. I know a lot but that is why I have my nutritionist and my personal trainer. I went with my friends to ‘Boxers and Brawlers’ in San Antonio to train the way I am supposed to train when you are 40, but doing it at a higher level. I have a lot of good people, good friends helping me with this. I always take everything serious when it comes to my career and my life, but this decision to go back to the cage is a big decision for me.”

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Source: Busted Open Radio

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.