Backstage News On WWE Ignoring SmackDown Live?s Pre-Show Win

Last night at Survivor Series, Raw dominated SmackDown Live on the main card, with the red brand picking up all six wins. WWE kept telling the fans that RAW had won all the inter-promotional matches, which surprised quite a few people as WWE said SmackDown Live's victory on the pre-show did not count for the tally. This led to a few SmackDown Live Superstars such as Xavier Woods taking to Twitter to remind the officials that the blue brand had picked up a win, and to respect the tag team divisions on both brands.


During the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed the reason why WWE did not acknowledge SmackDown Live's win.

Meltzer noted that the storyline called for Raw to have a clean sweep at Survivor Series. Something was lost in the communication process, which led to SmackDown Live accidentally getting booked to win the pre-show match. This led to the announcers ignoring the results of the pre-show, and focusing only on the matches on the main card.