Being The Elite #125: Cody Rhodes Can't Stop Spouting WWE Facts, Flip Gordon Wants Those Brass Rings

If you missed it, here's the recap for episode 124.

* James Ellsworth is trying to find the locker room and asks Trevor and Arthur where it is. Arthur is super rude to Ellsworth and tells him where the broom closet is located.

* Adam Page is nervously watching on three screens Cody reading the note from "H" and holding up his old Stardust outfit. Page is starting to piece things together about these notes.

* SCU does their "worst town bit" in Columbus, Ohio. Daniels vents to Frankie and Scorpio about Flip Gordon previously saying Daniels wasn't SCU because he's from Michigan and it just throws everything off.

* Marty Scurll catches us up about the group's scheduled at (and after) the Jericho Cruise. Scurll said he had five matches on the ship and had only a day off before getting to his next wrestling event.

* Young Bucks are in Columbus, Ohio, with Flip Gordon suddenly behind them, filming his own show. They wonder what he's doing and he says he's grabbing those brass rings. Young Bucks aren't impressed and say he's still not on the show, Flip superkicks both of them, along with Shark Boy who just randomly shows up.

* Young Bucks mention how they are currently on a 21-day tour and will be home for two days during it. They start to talk about not being in the Bullet Club and Cody (in a monotone voice) is rambling on in the corner about SmackDown and its ratings.

* SCU is in the locker room, as the camera pans to Cody (again facing the corner) holding his IWGP US Championship in one hand, while the other is shaking uncontrollably. Page comes out of the restroom and hears the ticking clock. Gordon walks by and says, "Oh, you got one too? Mine says two years." Page responds, "Everybody knows we're staying anyway" and tosses the phone in the trash, stops, and realizes he needs his phone.

* In Queens, New York, Young Bucks bump into Kenny Omega who looks pretty tired after filming on the Jericho Cruise, then heading to Japan for NJPW, back to New York for a match against Fenix, and then a fan signing. Omega jokes about there being confusion about the group not being in Bullet Club anymore. Young Bucks congratulate him #1 in this year's PWI 500. Omega then complains about his shoulder still hurting after Scurll locked in the crossface chicken wing. The two had a water slide contest, Omega won, Scurll was grumpy about it.

* Scorpio is holding hands with a woman as they walk back to his hotel room after a date. He says the only way to end things is with a big kiss. Matt Jackson shows up with a giant Hersey's chocolate kiss, Scorpio has some of it.

* Page talks to Matt about sticking together as a group, but is worried about Kenny and Cody. Down the hall, Brandi Rhodes yells for them to help as Cody is doing the corner/hand shake thing again. They rush over and he turns around with completely white eyes as he mindlessly spouts off some more WWE facts. The group has no idea what to do.


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