Being The Elite #127: The Exorcism Of Cody Rhodes, Cody Poses With "Triple H", The Fallen Angel

If you missed it, here is the recap of episode 126.

* The show starts off where episode 126 ended. The gang try to figure out why there is a sledgehammer in the middle of the locker room. They each try to lift it up, unsuccessfully. When Flip attempts to do it "Triple H" interrupts. Cody, who is still "possessed", calls him "boss" and poses for a picture with him.

* Marty is still trying to get people to come to his New Year's Day party, as he calls up Hangman Page. After not giving a concrete answer, The Villain starts to get angry and hangs up on Page.

* SCU is in Toronto, Canada. Before Scorpio Sky can say his bit Frankie Kazarian cuts him off to talk to Christopher Daniels, who is wearing a "Canada" t-shirt. Kaz tries to convince Daniels that Flip is wrong, and even if he wasn't born in SCU, he is SCU.

* Before Hangman can talk about his latest detective work to the Young Bucks, Flip interrupts. He wants to talk about Cody's condition, while he is in the corner doing old WWF poses. Matt discusses bringing in a specialist to help Cody, someone who has been through Dixie Carter and Vince Russo...

* Christopher Daniels, wearing his "Fallen Angel" garb, arrives to perform an exorcism.

* The guys find a "WWF" logo on Cody's chest, and while the exorcism goes on, Cody starts stating random pro wrestling stats and information. He refers to Scorpio as Harold from Daniel Bryan and Kane's anger management class.

* Daniels reads to Cody from the Young Bucks' new children's book, in an attempt to cure him.

* The episode ends with Matt saying Cody is back after he whispers into his ear, "F*ck The Revival"


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