Braun Strowman Pulled From WWE MMC, Randy Orton Takes Rey Mysterio's Mask (Photos), Lars Sullivan

- It's interesting to note that WWE is airing the "coming soon" main roster vignettes for Lars Sullivan on RAW and SmackDown. Above is the vignette from tonight's SmackDown episode. Lars will appear on this week's WWE NXT episode in a match against an enhancement talent.

- Braun Strowman has been pulled from season 2 of WWE's Mixed Match Challenge due to his elbow injury. Ember Moon's new tag team partner will be revealed next as they face Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox.

- This week's SmackDown main event from the Staples Center in Los Angeles saw Randy Orton defeat Rey Mysterio in the main event. This was their first singles TV match in 12 years. Orton went for Rey's mask early on in the match but ended up taking it off at the end. The post-match attack saw Orton wrap a chair around Rey's face and send him into the ring post. The show went off the air with Orton raising the mask in the air as fans booed and medical staff tended to Mysterio. It felt like the execution of the mask removal was a bit sloppy as some of Rey's face was shown. Below are photos and videos from the angle:


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