For most of this year, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair have been in the midst of a heated rivalry. The next chapter in their saga was written this past Tuesday on Smackdown Live, when Flair and Lynch exchanged promos back and forth before being scheduled for a triple threat match at WWE TLC. WWE Hall-of-Famer, Bully Ray spoke with Busted Open Radio about why he believed Charlotte’s words were stronger than Becky’s and how he would have booked Lynch to receive a better reaction from the crowd.

“She (Lynch) mentioned about, when the man’s away for this long – something – I forget the line she used. But she got a mediocre reaction because the people didn’t really understand what she meant,” Bully Ray began. “You want that first line to hit so hard that those people are popping louder than when you first came out. You want that first line to hit so good that they’re chanting Becky all over again. Whatever Becky said, did NOT grab those people. They were with her but they were with her just because they were out there. That first line, ya know, it wasn’t (Stone Cold Steve) Austin hitting that first line.”

Bully Ray went on to give an example showing how Becky’s first promo upon returning should have been a more simple, straightforward explanation about what she represents as ‘The Man’.

“[Becky should have said] ‘For those of you who may not remember me, I’m Becky Lynch. I’m the Smackdown Women’s Champion. I’m the hottest superstar in the business. I’m the man and I’m back!’ Whatever she said in that moment did not capture the people the way she had with the entrance,” Bully said. “I’m not saying they did a bad job – I like the back and forth – but they could have given her some better stuff. Because they gave Charlotte better stuff. Charlotte’s promo was stronger than Becky’s last night. I believe Charlotte won the war of words last night. She had more confidence.”

Though this time around he favored Charlotte Flair’s mic work over Becky Lynch’s, Bully Ray was adamant to note, “Please…I’m not saying Becky is weak. I’m saying Charlotte was stronger.”

You can check out Bully’s comments below. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.