CM Punk And Cody Rhodes Team Up Against Twitter Troll

CM Punk and Cody Rhodes teamed up on Twitter this week to take down one of the many trolls of the IWC.

The exchange started with Cody asked fans who they want to see him wrestle in 2019. One fan tweeted on wanting to see Punk vs. Rhodes but another fan chimed in and took shots at the wrestler-turned-MMA fighter. The fan wrote, "@CMPunk is 'done' with wrestling. He has no problem cashing in on his name and being an a****** to fans at signings though."

Punk denied any signing incident and called the fan out for some of his shady tweets towards women, mainly a tweet he made about Mickie James. The offending fan responded to another tweet about how Punk owned him, saying it was actually him who owned Punk. That's when Cody returned to the conversation with some words of advice. Cody wrote, "You didn't own anybody. You were embarrassed. Also, don't apply for any type of major job where they check social media(90% of all jobs now)...some terrible s--t here."

You can see the full exchange below:


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