CM Punk On Fans Chanting His Name At WWE Events, His MMA Future, If He Regrets WWE - UFC Transition

CM Punk recently spoke with The Associated Press to promote his commentary debut with the Cage Fury Fighting Championships. Punk will make his commentary debut for the promotion at their December 14 event in Atlantic City, NJ, which will air on UFC Fight Pass. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

His future in MMA:

"Since my last fight, I've been juggling a half-dozen things. I kind of gave myself a deadline of the beginning of the new year to find out what is coming next. I don't rule anything out, absolutely not."

Having no regrets about how he transitioned from WWE to MMA, even though a third UFC fight is out of reach:

"I was presented with an opportunity that, if I was talking to you today and didn't do, I'd regret. I absolutely do not regret my decision one bit."

Fans still chanting his name at WWE events:

"You stop it and five years later people still talk about you? Fans still chant your name? That's powerful to me."

Still ruling out a wrestling return:

"I don't pay attention. People seem to get upset when I say that."

Source: The Associated Press


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