Cody Rhodes Talks WWE NXT Takeover, Tyrone Wants A WWE Job, Nita Strauss On Becky Lynch's Theme

- Above is video of Sarah Schreiber talking to WWE NXT Loud artist Nita Strauss at last night's "Takeover: War Games II" event in Los Angeles. Strauss did one of the theme songs for Takeover and is celebrating her first album this week. Strauss expressed interest in creating a new theme song for SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch. She also talked about her relationship with WWE, why the fans get her, being a fan of the sport and more.

"Am I the only one that thinks Becky Lynch needs a new theme song? I mean, come on. They've got my number. If by any chance, anyone agrees with me that Becky Lynch could use a new theme song, I'm available," Strauss said.

- Social media star "Tyrone" is interested in a WWE career. The man who goes viral for his videos on wanting to sleep with married women and for his videos that show him knocking cigarettes out of the mouths of smokers wants to step into the squared circle. Tyrone recently spoke with TMZ, seen below, and said he is the next WWE Hall of Famer Mr. T, the next Terry Crews and the next Deebo, all in one, but he's "more dangerous because I f--k wives!" Tyrone adds that he wants to join WWE because he's tired of fans cheering for the current group of "soft" Superstars.

- Cody Rhodes took to Twitter after last night's Takeover event and tweeted the following on his dad, the late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, who came up with the original War Games concept:


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