Daniel Bryan Gets Time Off From WWE Events?, Nia Jax Has A Message For Twitter Trolls, The Rock

- The Rock has released the second official trailer for his Titan Games competition series, seen above. The series premieres on Thursday, January 3 on NBC.

- WWE Champion Daniel Bryan apparently has time off from several upcoming WWE live events. WWE does not have Bryan advertised for Saturday's Starrcade live event in Cincinnati, OH or Sunday's live event in Madison, WI. It's also worth noting that Bryan is not advertised for the next non-televised SmackDown brand live event - Sunday, December 2 in Arlington, TX, or the next night in Calgary. Bryan is scheduled to return to action at Tuesday's SmackDown TV event in Minneapolis, MN.

Besides the shows mentioned above, the WWE Champion is not scheduled for several more non-televised SmackDown live events in December. He is being advertised for the following non-televised live events - December 17 in Stockton, December 27 in Long Island, December 28 in Baltimore, December 30 in Tampa. It looks like Bryan will be back to a regular live event schedule in January.

- Nia Jax, who hasn't tweeted since November 20, took to Twitter today and continued her heel antics as she prepares to face RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey at WWE TLC on December 16. Jax tweeted the following today to the trolls on Twitter, trolling them:


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