EC3 Cuts Fiery Promo On His WWE NXT Return (Video), Vince McMahon On The E&C Show?, Talking Snack

- Cathy Kelley and Sasha Banks make chocolate pie in the latest episode of WWE's new Talking Snack series, seen above.

- As noted, The Edge and Christian Show will return to the WWE Network after Monday's RAW goes off the air. There will be a marathon of the show airing earlier in the day on the live stream. It sounds like Christian and WWE Hall of Famer Edge will be joined by Vince McMahon on the season premiere. Below is the synopsis for the thirty-minute episode:

"Edge and Christian's return hits a bit of a snag in the WWE Chairman's office, but they make the most of their quality time with the boss."

- Below is this week's WWE NXT Post-Show, featuring host Sarah Schreiber. This week's show features War Games footage, Keith Lee, Nikki Cross and EC3. EC3 says he's returning to the yellow brand as a "new man" on next Wednesday's show, following the recent attack from The Undisputed Era.

"I feel wounded. I've been wounded ever since I came back to NXT. I've been crushed by ladders, I've been abandoned and kicked in the face, I've been attacked from behind, I've been left unconscious. Hell, I even had my leg nearly amputated by a steel chair," EC3 said. "I've been wounded but wounds heal, scars heal. Scars are like combat medals. Scars are reminders and I'm reminded exactly why I came back to NXT. I'm not here to compete with anybody. They're here to compete with me. You don't know what you want until you know who you truly are, and I know who I truly am. I am the top 1% of this industry. I'm not saying this because it's cool or because it would look good on a t-shirt, I say that because I truly, honestly know it to be a fact. Next week I return to NXT a new man, a changed man, the living breathing human embodiment of Julius Gaius Caesar. I'm talking Veni, Vidi, Vici – I came, I saw, I conquered. Next week, God help anybody who has wronged me. God help anybody who stands in my way. I am... EC3."