Flip Gordon Gives Details On His New ROH Contract, Possibly Filling The ELITE's ROH Spot

Flip Gordon may not be the biggest name on the Being the Elite series, but that could change very soon. Elite members Cody, The Young Bucks and Adam Page all have ROH contracts that expire at the end of the year and there's been speculation they could leave for another promotion.


Gordon discussed that possibility of many in The Elite leaving for [possibly] greener pastures and what that would mean for him.

"If they do leave, anything can happen," Gordon told Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc. "There's so much time between now and whenever whatever's supposed to happen. If they leave, that just opens up more opportunities.

"Just like when I came to ROH, there were a lot of guys that left. That's why I got to where I am so fast, because these opportunities were available for me."

While the futures of those Elite members are still up in the air, the future of Gordon with ROH is not. He's committed to ROH long-term and is looking forward to being one of the main draws of the company.


"That is my goal," Gordon said on becoming one of the faces of ROH. "I re-signed with ROH and I'm with them until 2020. I knew that when I signed the contract, this is a commitment. Two years I'm with ROH.

"So if people leave, great! That is just more opportunities for me. If they stay, great! That's even harder I have to work then because I still want those spots."

Gordon has made the most of the opportunities awarded to him including winning the 19-person Over Budget Battle Royal at All In. He then appeared on Chris Jericho's Rock N Wrestling Rager at Sea where he competed in the Sea of Honor tournament.

Gordon will be a part of the Survival of the Fittest ROH pay-per-view on Nov. 4 and the full list of upcoming ROH events can be viewed here.