If there was one person who would have a lot of stories to tell, Jake “The Snake” Roberts is one of them.

A WWE Hall of Famer, Roberts has been through it all in and out of the ring. From fighting an addiction to being saved by DDP Yoga, Roberts’ life has had its ups and downs.
Not one to be shy about his life, Jake has been trying to make sure others don’t follow his old, dark path. He has produced books and WWE even talks about him on the WWE Network. His tour continues on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

The “Master of the DDT” will be speaking to the voice of the UFC Joe Rogan on November 20th. He announced it via Twitter.

Known for being off limits, the Joe Rogan Experience is one of the top podcasts in the United States today. From MMA fighters to Elon Musk, the podcast talks about a wide variety of topics. “The Snake’s” close friend, Diamond Dallas Page, was recently interviewed on the show.