James Ellsworth On The Craziness Of Appearing On BFG And SD 1000 In The Same Week

James Ellsworth has the privilege of being the only wrestler ever to appear on a WWE show and an Impact Wrestling show in the same week. On a #Duhcast episode of the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Ellsworth discussed the experience.


Ellsworth was backstage at the 1000th episode of SmackDown Live and was featured in a web segment. He had made his Impact Wrestling debut at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view days earlier. Ellsworth revealed he was also backstage at a Ring Of Honor event that week as well. He said the experience was great and it's indicative of a new era in the wrestling business that isn't as restricted as it was in the past.

"What I did was not as cool as Rick Rude's, but I have a good relationship with both WWE and Impact, and had a blast being in both locker rooms this week. It was a good time," Ellsworth said. "This is a new era here in the pro wrestling business. People are more free to do what they want more times than ever. There are now more places to go. When Ring of Honor was in Baltimore, Maryland on Friday I went backstage and hung out. I filmed something there as well that I will not say at this time. I will keep people guessing on that as well, but it's crazy. I was in all three locker rooms: WWE, Impact and ROH all within a 120 hour period. It's crazy."


Even though he didn't appear on SmackDown 1000, Ellsworth said he was grateful for the opportunity just to have been part of it in any capacity. He said his life has changed immensely over the past two years, and he doesn't take anything for granted. He said he is open to working with the WWE at some point in the future.

"WWE put it out on Twitter and on their website and Instagram, I don't take that lightly. They did do something with me; obviously not on the show but they used me on their platforms and I don't take that lightly. I appreciate them for it all of the time. There was a plan for me to be on the show, which I won't say what it is because you never know, they might use it again in the future," he said. "Dude, here's the thing; I stay positive. I have matured a lot. Ever since the Braun Strowman match 2 years ago I have had my ups and downs; more ups than downs. I am very blessed. If something happens where I was supposed to be on the show but I am not, I am not going to cry about it. I am not going to b***h about it, I am not going to complain; I am going to be thankful for the opportunity, thankful to have been there and for allowing me to be on an inclusive WWE.com and I am going to move on and keep grinding. My face will be shown there again in the future, I promise you."


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Source: Wrestling Perspective Podcast

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.