Last night was JBL’s birthday, and he celebrated by creating some controversy via Twitter.

In a series of tweets, JBL attacked Cody Rhodes while talking about football. It is unknown if he was hacked, but the posts are still live for people to see.

“Ok, not wanting a comeback-but I could beat @CodyRhodes any day in any match, just like I could have beaten his daddy,” JBL wrote. “It’s simple math. Now back to my @dallascowboys

“Seriously. @CodyRhodes is a tool. Not in my league. I’m retired.”

“I’m retired. But @CodyRhodes couldn’t beat me if he tied me to a tree. Neither could his dad.”

The wrestling community was confused with the amount of tweets directed at the former NWA Worlds Champion. Cody noticed the tweets and sent a short and sweet response to the former WWE Champion.