Jim Ross On His AXS TV Contract Ending Soon, Impact Wrestling's New Time Slot On Pop TV

Recently on The Jim Ross Report, WWE Hall Of Famer discussed his current contract status with AXS TV. Additionally, Ross shared his thoughts on Impact Wrestling's TV deal with Pop TV and the promotion's new timeslot.

According to Ross, he will likely finish up with AXS TV this month as 'Good Ol' JR' would need special permission from WWE to continue calling NJPW matches for AXS.

"I think some people know this, but I'm not sure." Ross said, "I love working for AXS TV as much as any job I've ever had since I was a kid. Seriously, great people. I love the network and I believe in what Mark Cuban is doing, his staff, Adam Swift, all the dudes, Danny Zack our producer, but my contract with AXS ends at the end the year. And to get it extended, I would have to get a special [dispensation] made by WWE because I have a contact with them too through the end of March [2019]. So it looks as if our last voiceover session for Josh [Barnett] and I is next week. I hate to see that come to an end, but you never know how things come back around. I'm not closing any doors. It's not by choice. It's just sort of a contractual situation that has to be remedied and it will be in time. I think Josh is also moving on, so we'll have a really good voiceover session. I have really enjoyed working with him too, with Josh, so it's kind of a bittersweet month in that respect."

Also during the podcast, Ross weighed in on Impact Wrestling's current TV deal with Pop TV. In Ross' learned view, Impact's new timeslot is hurting the Canadian pro wrestling promotion.

"It's doing them no favors. It's hammering nails in coffins as far as TV vernacular is concerned. Last week, the viewership hovered around 100,000. You can't sell goods out of an empty wagon, kids! And the wagon is damn near empty and that's a shame because they've got good creative people; they've got a good talent roster; and they've got a lousy, they being Impact, pronouns, boy. It just won't work. And for anybody to think it's going to work sooner or later or that it's going to catch on, that's just not true. It will never work." Ross added, "you're perpetuating the inevitable and that's not a good ending."

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Source: The Jim Ross Report


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