John Cena To Work WWE Live Events In December

WWE has John Cena listed for several live events in December (h/t to PWInsider). Cena is scheduled to wrestle at the following WWE live events:

* 12/26 - Raw live event (Madison Square Garden)
* 12/27 - SmackDown live event (Long Island, New York)
* 12/28 - SmackDown live event (Baltimore, Maryland)
* 12/30 - SmackDown live event (Tampa, Florida)

This will be his first appearance back since last month's Super Show-Down event in Australia.

Cena teamed up with Bobby Lashley to defeat Elias and Kevin Owens. Cena wouldn't take any bumps in that match and only did his signature moves to finish off Elias for the victory.

Cena's upcoming Transformers spin-off film, Bumblebee, will release in the US on December 21.

Last month, he became a New York Times #1 Best Seller Author thanks to his children's book, Elbow Grease.


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