John Cena continues to branch out into other forms of entertainment and he recently wrote a children’s book that was released this week. With Cena now a part-time WWE Superstar, he was asked about his current health and slowing down his wrestling career.

“I feel the most healthy I’ve ever felt in my life,” Cena revealed to Adam Glyn. “I’ve dropped 20 lbs. I’ve learned some stretching techniques over in China. My body actually feels great.

“At full disclosure, I can’t run the full demanding schedule at 41 years old that current WWE Superstars do. They go everyday, all the time and it is a young man’s game.”

For years Cena has always proclaimed that he will never leave the WWE as that is what made him a global star. But some fans are calling him a hypocrite as he is transitioning to writing, acting and other endeavors which leaves little time for wrestling. Cena had a message for those people.

“I’m old guys. I’m old,” Cena stated. “I’m 41 and performing 310 times a year isn’t what’s best for my overall health. I wanna be able to run the streets at 80 instead of hobbling around. I’m at a point in my life where I need to think long-term.

“That doesn’t mean I’m leaving the WWE. I’ll never leave the WWE, it’s my home. But I have to think about long-term health and right now this is probably the best play for me.”

For the past couple of months Cena has been sporting a longer hairstyle after having a military cut for most of his career. He explained why he made the change.

“Originally I grew it out for a role, and some good fortune has come my way so I may have to keep it long… I don’t know, everybody wants it short, so that makes me wanna keep it long,” Cena said while grinning.

Cena was then asked if he enjoyed having longer hair.

“I don’t because you have to manage it and I really like the hi-fade because you can just get out of bed and go. So, it’s another thing to take care of but I like it because I was self-conscious about it until this moment where I was forced to grow it out.

“It’s a cool drill in facing the uncomfortable.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Adam Glyn with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.