Kurt Angle Talks Future On Raw, Shane McMahon Winning WWE World Cup, Dream NXT Opponent

Kurt Angle took part in another Facebook Q&A yesterday. Below are some of the highlights:

What's next for you, are you going to be back as general manager?

"I don't know. I do want to wrestle more. I just started wrestling again so it's going to take a few matches before I get the kinks out, especially being older now. I'm hoping I get a little bit more consistent wrestling in the future. Either way, I love contributing. We will see."


Who on the NXT roster do you want a match with?

"I met Velveteen Dream on an indie circuit four or five years ago. I'm amazed at his progress. I'd love to have a match with him before I retire."

How do you feel about Shane McMahon winning the World Cup?

"Shane has proven himself to be a great sports entertainer. I would have preferred him to earn the World Cup Title by wrestling in the tournament though."

If you had to wrestle someone from NJPW who would it be and why?

"Kenny Omega. He's got talent. Love the guy. Never met him though."

You can check out the full Q&A on Angle's Facebook by clicking here.