Linda McMahon - Ivanka Trump Email Controversy Note, Linda On How The SBA Helps Small Businesses

- The Sacramento Business Journal has an interview with Linda McMahon, who discussed leading the U.S. Small Business Administration. McMahon, who is reportedly being considered to be the next Secretary of Commerce, was asked about the most common mistakes that small businesses make when they seek assistance from the SBA.

"The biggest problem that causes small businesses to fail is that they don't know how to manage cash flow and they're undercapitalized when they start," McMahon said. "Part of the guiding and mentoring process by the SBA is to ensure that your business plan is laid out well enough so that as you're going for your capital request, which the SBA will be guaranteeing through a lending institution, that you really know how much money you're going to need to grow through certain phases."

- Speaking of McMahon, The Washington Post reported this week that Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails pertaining to government business using a personal account last year, many of which violated federal records rules. Linda McMahon was one of the recipients of those emails from Ivanka's personal account. Ivanka had proposed to McMahon in February of 2017 that they meet to explore "opportunities to collaborate." According to the Post, Ivanka said that she was not familiar with some details of the rules regarding using a personal email account for government business.


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