Matt Hardy On Who He'd Like To Induct Him And Jeff Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Whether it was teaming with his brother Jeff or going out on his own, Matt Hardy has had a successful career. While reflecting on his past, Matt is always thinking about the future.

Speaking to Sam Roberts at Ringside Collectibles' Ringside Fest, Matt played booker when asked who he'd like to face at WrestleMania 35 inside MetLife Stadium.


"Now that he is back, Shawn Michaels," Hardy said. "If you have him back on the table, you just have to take advantage and utilize him."

Shawn Michaels recently returned to in-ring action at Crown Jewel. While he has stated that was a one time only ordeal, he wouldn't be the first wrestler to head back into the ring after a small taste.

Not only is WrestleMania 35 about the matches taking place, but it is also about celebrating the past. The WWE Hall of Fame is always broadcasted a few days before the event. Matt, along with his brother Jeff, are future Hall of Famers, but who would induct them? If Matt had his way, a familiar friend would be doing the honors.

"I would say the person I would want to induct myself and my brother would be the person who took us under his wing and taught us more about the wrestling business than anyone else. That is Michael P.S. Hayes," Hardy continued. "I'm sure his intro would be long but it would be super good, because he is entertaining as hell."


While Matt is currently not an active wrestler, he has been a part of some behind-the-scenes work for WWE, including a House Hardy WWE Network Special.

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Source: Ringside Collectibles