Nick Aldis Teases "A Select Group Of Guys" Running Their Own PPVs In 2019

In 2017 Nick Aldis tried to get Impact Wrestling to keep him as an independent contractor who worked on a handshake agreement. Impact said "no thanks" and Aldis subsequently left the promotion to venture out on his own.

He landed in NWA but Aldis is also working the indie scene where he has more freedom. That freedom is something that more and more wrestlers are seeking and the success of All In showed that it can be done. Aldis further discussed how there's a group of wrestlers looking to duplicate the success of Cody and The Young Bucks when he chatted with Wrestling Inc's Michael Wiseman at WrestleCade.

"There's going to be a select group of guys who are not under contract to WWE, by choice, who are going to start working things out amongst themselves at presenting pay-per-views and different things," revealed Aldis. "Because the talent in this business has been grossly underpaid for a very long time and now all of us guys... the honeymoon period is over as for doing it just for the love of it.

"I love wrestling? but I don't love it enough for a pat on the back and a nice tweet. I wanna make money, but I don't wanna make it from a big, fat contract. I mean that would be nice, but we gotta live in the real world.

"If I think Cody-Aldis III would draw big money, which it would, we'll put that together ourselves. We'll present that PPV because I deserve it. We deserve to make that cheese."

Aldis then brought up the NWA 70th Anniversary Show in which he defeated Cody in the main event. Aldis said that he and Cody got a nice pay day from that and got what they deserved because the show was built around them.

"That freedom to be able to get what you deserve is very interesting and very freeing," stated Aldis. "I feel like there's a couple dozen guys all over the world who are starting to realize that? now we can make our own PPVs.

"With things like FITE and all of these different avenues, suddenly the infrastructural requirements are not as heavy as they used to be. With a bit of financing and some balls, there's some interesting possibilities to make some serious money."

Aldis then said in a perfect world he would only wrestle 30 times a year because his body can't take much more than that. The rest of his time would be put towards building up interest into those 30 shows.

The full audio from Nick Aldis' exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc is also available as part of the latest episode of our WINCLY podcast: