Nikki Bella Responds To Her John Cena Hot Tub Photo Post

Despite the fact that John Cena and Nikki Bella claim are no longer together, there are people who think that it is all a work. Cena and Bella were spotted together last month in Australia when WWE was holding their Super Show-Down event in Melbourne.

On Thanksgiving, Nikki posted the picture below on her Instagram story of her and John in a hot tub watching the sunset. It was actually one of several photos she posted reminiscing of what she is thankful for this past year. She also posted that she was thankful for her blood and WWE family, her show, her and Brie's wine business and more. In the middle is casually a picture of her and John, although the photo clearly looked older as Cena has since grown out his hair.

Sources close to Nikki told TMZ that they are both very much still single. It was noted that Nikki was just reminiscing over the past year and what she was thankful for, and John was a big part of it.

The Total Divas season finale is scheduled for this Wednesday, while Total Bellas season four is scheduled to return on January 20th, 2019.


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