Pentagon Jr Explains Why He Turned Down Mexican Version Of Reality Show "Survivor"

Impact Wrestling held its weekly media call on Tuesday with special guests Taya Valkyrie and the Lucha Brothers. Naturally with Valkyrie on the call, the conversation shifted to the show Survivor as her husband, Johnny Impact, is still alive in the current season.

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix were asked if they would have any interest in participating in a show like Survivor, and like many siblings, they had similar feelings on the possibility.

"No, I'm good with wrestling [laughter]," Fenix responded to our Nick Hausman when asked about competing on Survivor.

"The Survivor show is amazing. But I think it's harder for wrestlers because you have a long time before in the ring with injuries [that you would enter the show with]."

Valkyrie then chimed in with all of the other negatives that her husband experienced while filming. "You can't eat. It's cold. You have to be away from your wife."

"Yeah, I love the food and my family and pro wrestling," Fenix replied... "I think Surivior's not for Fenix. But I like watching."

When the discussion shifted to Pentagon Jr., he revealed that he had actually been offered a chance to compete on the Mexican version of Survivor. Valkyrie translated his response.

"The name [of the Mexican version] is "Exit Land" and he said no," said Valkyrie. "In Mexico it's three months which is a lot longer. John was away for eight weeks."

Like the Lucha Bros, Valkyrie also isn't too keen on appearing on Survivor. In a media call last month she mentioned that she would be a "horrible survivor" but would have interest in teaming with her husband on a show like The Amazing Race.

Johnny Impact was written off Impact Wrestling TV in the spring so he could go film the show in Fiji. He returned in July, won the Impact World Championship at Bound for Glory and could add a Survivor victory to his resume as well.


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