Samoa Joe Hypes WWE Starrcade Steel Cage Match, Charlotte And Asuka Hang Backstage, Drew McIntyre

- Above, Samoa Joe hyped his steel cage match against AJ Styles at WWE Starrcade. The match will air tonight on the WWE Network in a one-hour special at 8pm ET.

"Now, what AJ Styles do I have before me?" Joe wondered. "One who has a lot taken from him recently. One who has a lot pulled from his soul! What will be left of AJ Styles when he steps into that steel cage? That is a question that I will answer like this, you see the definition of insanity is not doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. The definition of insanity, AJ, is being arrogant enough to step in that cage with me and expecting to walk out at all."

- WWE shared a photo of Ric and Charlotte Flair with the caption "Two Generations of WWE Starrcade." Charlotte had a match last night at Starrcade against Askua, which Charlotte won via pinfall. Charlotte also tweeted out a photo with both her father and Asuka.

- WWE shared a video on their Instagram of Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre. The two had a match tonight at Starrcade where McIntyre won using the Claymore Kick. In the video below McIntyre before the match drew a "battle line."


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