Silas Young Explains What It Means To Be A "Real Man"

Ring of Honor superstar Silas Young proclaims himself to be The Last Real Man. As a guest on last week's episode of our WINCLY podcast, Young explained to Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman what exactly it means to be a real man.

"It means to stick to your guns," Young said. "When you make a decision, make a decision and stand by it, don't back-pedal, stand up for what you believe in."

Young went on to say that he is a big proponent of being true to his word. He said it's important to make sure your beliefs do not hurt others, and that they are positive for yourself.

"But it also means that realizing what you believe and what you stand for, is something that's not hurting other people, that you're doing something for yourself," he said. "It's just basically being a good person and standing by your word."

Young is scheduled to compete at ROH's Final Battle pay-per-view on Dec. 14. You can find more information on Final Battle and other upcoming shows by clicking here.