Nia Jax On What She Would Tell Alexa Bliss During Their Recent Bullying Storyline

Nia Jax recently spoke with Al Jazeera at this link and admitted that some people might find it hard to accept that she's an athlete due to her size.

"This is who I am, I am never going to be a size zero," Jax said. "Just because I'm a bigger girl, they might think I cannot do anything, but no. I can perform just as good as anybody else. I have no problem breaking stereotypes. And proving people wrong, it's actually quite fun."

Jax also revealed that she was bullied over her size as a kid. Jax talked about pushing Alexa Bliss to go hard on her with the bullying during their recent feud.

"I've been bullied because of the way I've looked growing up. So when this storyline came up we were both like, we have to make this as real as possible," Jax said. "When we had to cut segments, there were things that Alexa said she didn't want to say, and I was like you have to say this. I was like if you cannot say this, then I cannot provide my true feelings and the people will not resonate with our story."

Al Jazeera also spoke with Stephanie McMahon about Jax and the WWE Chief Brand Officer praised her as she believes Jax's work inside & outside of the ring makes her a standout athlete.

"Nia Jax is a special talent and an even more special person. She is a game-changer, breaking conventions and rejecting stereotypes, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or body type, that have typically applied to women in the public eye," McMahon said. "She takes on this role with pride and determination, and her achievements are recognized by every little girl watching a show live or at home who is inspired to say: I want to do that, I want to be like Nia Jax. That's what the Women's Evolution is about, changing attitudes in a positive way about women in WWE, and in the world outside WWE."

Source: Al Jazeera


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