The Big Show Says His Most Embarrassing Moment In Wrestling Was Also His Biggest WrestleMania Moment

The Big Show was recently interviewed by FOX News, where he revealed that his WrestleMania 21 match with Akebono was both the most embarrassing moment of his career as well as his biggest WrestleMania moment. Below are a couple of highlights:


His biggest WrestleMania moment:

"I've had a lot of great WrestleMania moments. I think the WrestleMania I'll never forget personally was having 40 yards of silk wrapped around me and hauled up my ass when I wrestled Akebono. So I basically was out there in a 40 yards of silk thong. And you know they packed that thing with water. You know the silk tightens. Yeah. Neither did I. And neither did. I just want you to know that day I personally endured a lot of discomfort and pain."

His most embarrassing moment in wrestling:

"My sumo match versus Akebono, where I have 40 yards of silk crammed up my ass and it got down with water and tightened up. I would say that is probably the most embarrassing moment in wrestling. I don't have an embarrassing moment to tell you the truth. I mean personally I don't have any ego; I go out there and have fun. So if I'm making fun of myself, if I'm getting sprayed down by a septic truck by Eddie Guerrero, if I'm running around with a Mawashi, which is actually what that's called, the 40 yards of silk because it's literally 40 yards wrapped around and around and around. Whatever it is, I'm having fun with it. You know I think that's the thing that I would advise younger talent to do. Don't take yourself too seriously. Have fun and be in the moment because the crowd is going to have fun, you know. So if you have fun, the crowd has fun with you."


The Big Show also discussed comparisons to Andre the Giant, his longevity and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.