Top 10 Embarrassing WWE Star Moments, Drake Maverick Wants Fans To Leave Him Alone, WWE Network

- Above is WWE's latest Top 10 featuring WWE Superstars' most embarrassing moments. The collection included Santino Marella getting instantly tossed out of the ring by Kane at the Royal Rumble, William Regal having to dress up like a Vegas showgirl, and Eva Marie having a wardrobe malfunction at the beginning of her match against Becky Lynch.

- Here are next week's new additions to the WWE Network:

* Monday - The Edge and Christian Show (Season 2 - following Raw)
* Wednesday - NXT UK (3pm and 4pm ET), 205 Live (7pm ET), and NXT (8pm ET)
* Thursday - Mixed Match Challenge (9:50pm ET)
* Friday - This Week in WWE (7:30pm ET)

- With Michael Jackson's "Leave Me Alone" playing in the background, AOP's manager, Drake Maverick, scrolled through endless comments from fans about him urinating on himself at Survivor Series. During WWE Raw Tag Team Champions AOP vs. WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar, Big Show ended up scaring Maverick into wetting himself, but thanks to the distraction AOP would still get the win. On Twitter, Maverick asked the fans to leave him alone after scrolling through messages for four minutes.


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