Earlier this week, Angel o Demonio took on Cuervo at a Lucha Memes / Lucha Libre Boom co-promotional show in Mexico. At one point during the match, Demonio took a large brick and threw it from the ring down to the floor, hitting Cuervo in the back of the head and legitimately knocking him out for a few moments (4:35 mark in the video above). The reason for the throw was reportedly due to hard chairshots from Cuervo earlier in the match

The referee and what looked to be a ringside physician immediately checked on Cuervo, who would regain consciousness and be helped to the back. The match would just end with Demonio taunting the crowd for a few minutes.

In an update on Cuervo’s condition, he underwent successful surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain and is currently in stable condition. Below are Facebook posts about the surgery, translated via Google Translate:

“Mr. Víctor Arroyo, manager of El Cuervo de Puerto Rico, informs us that 15 minutes ago, he entered the operating room to remove the blood clot in his head. On behalf of your work team and your family, we ask for prayers for El Cuervo. Thanks to all who have worried. HE WILL RISE UP!”

“WE ARE FINE. We are informed that the operation that the Crow was a success. The clot was removed and is stable.”

Other wrestlers and promoters have already rallied an event for tomorrow to help raise funds for Cuervo’s medical bills.

On Twitter, WWE Hall of Famers Kurt Angle and Bully Ray gave their thoughts on the incident.