Yesterday, Angel o Demonio took on Cuervo at a Lucha Memes / Lucha Libre Boom co-promotional show in Mexico that was streamed on +LuchaTV.

At one point during the match, Demonio took an actual brick and threw it from the ring down to the floor, hitting Cuervo in the back of the head and legitimately knocking him out for a few moments (4:35 mark in the video above).

The referee and what looks to be a ringside physician immediately checked on Cuervo, who would regain consciousness and be helped to the back. The match would just end with Demonio taunting the crowd for a few minutes.

According to LuchaBlog and RobViper, the throw was reportedly due to hard chairshots from Cuervo earlier in the match. Cuervo was said to be taken to the hospital, no update on the severity of his injury.