WWE had crew members passing out signs to fans for Women’s Tag Team Titles at Sunday’s Evolution pay-per-view at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY.

As seen below, former reality TV star Ashlee White from Bravo’s “Princess Island” show attended Evolution and tweeted about the fan signs. Ashlee noted to us that WWE was handing out the signs and they were the ones that gave the sign to her, although people in WWE have said that the fans were being distributed by fans. The fan signs for Women’s Tag Team Titles have appeared at several recent WWE events

The signs at Evolution read like this: “WE WANT WOMEN’S TAG CHAMPIONSHIPS”

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles have been rumored for some time now. Noted wrestling belt maker and collector @BeltFanDan noted back in July that the titles were done and featured white straps. He also noted that Stephanie McMahon was supposed to announce them on RAW but she ended up announcing the Evolution pay-per-view with no mention of the titles. @BeltFanDan, who has broken a few scoops on titles over the years, speculated that the titles would be used on both RAW and SmackDown.

As noted a few days ago, Stephanie spoke with Sky Sports last week and said we would see the titles “sooner rather than later” but she did not elaborate.