WWE NXT "Takeover: War Games II": Kairi Sane Vs. Shayna Baszler (2 Of 3 Falls For NXT Women's Title)

2 of 3 Falls Match for the NXT Women's Title: Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler

The announcers get back on track now as Kairi Sane makes her way out for this 2 of 3 Falls match. NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler is out next.


We get formal ring introductions from Kayla Braxton. The bell rings and Sane immediately decks Baszler and takes her to the corner. Sane with more offense, including a neckbreaker. Sane unloads with chops against the ropes. Sane charges in with a low forearm, sending Baszler to the floor to regroup. Sane runs off the apron with a flying elbow. Sane yells out for a pop.

Sane brings it back into the ring but Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke attack Sane while Baszler has the referee distracted. Baszler enters the ring and applies the Kirifuda Clutch as Sane tries to resist. Sane taps out for the first fall.

Fans chant "bulls–t" at the first fall. Baszler drops Sane again for another close 2 count. Fans chant for Sane as she tries to make a comeback. Sane gets dropped into another submission from behind but she finally makes it to the ropes to break it. Baszler keeps control and stomps Sane's face. Baszler stands tall and poses as fans boo. Sane finally makes a counter but Baszler kicks out at 2. Sane with another counter for a close pin attempt. Sane with a big kick and strikes into the corner. Baszler comes back with kicks. Baszler blocks strikes but Sane continues throwing them. They trade strikes now. Baszler stops it with a clothesline. Baszler charges but Sane hits her. They end up on the apron now. Sane counters a move on the apron and drops Baszler hard on the apron with a big DDT. Baszler falls to the floor and the Horsewomen check on her. Fans chant "holy s–t" now.


Sane ends up going to the top while Baszler is down on the outside. Sane nails the big Insane Elbow, taking down the three Horsewomen at the same time. Fans chant for NXT now. Sane brings Baszler back into the ring and hits another big elbow drop. Sane covers for the second fall.

Sane keeps control with Interceptors now, hitting three in a row. Sane drops Baszler with a spinning back-fist. Sane goes to the top but Baszler cuts her off. Baszler climbs up and they trade shots. Sane with headbutts. Baszler keeps fighting back. Baszler unloads with strikes while they're up top. Baszler tries for a super gutwrench but Sane slides down and turns it into a powerbomb for a close 2 count. Sane calls for the finish now. Sane slams Baszler. Duke gets on the apron to distract the referee, allowing Shafir to push Sane off the top.

Dakota Kai runs down and takes out Duke and Shafir at ringside. They turn it around and double team her now. Io Shirai runs down now and goes to the top, nailing a moonsault to take down Duke, Shafir and Kai. Sane goes for the Insane Elbow but Baszler catches her on the way down and turns it right into a pin for the win to retain.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

- After the match, Baszler takes the title and regroups with Duke and Shafir at ringside. Shirai and Kai check on Sane in the ring as some fans boo. We go to replays. The Horsewomen stand tall on the stage as the others look on. Baszler raises the title.


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