WWE NXT "Takeover: War Games II": Undisputed Era Vs. Ricochet, Pete Dunne, War Raiders (War Games)

War Games: The War Raiders, WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne and NXT North American Champion Ricochet vs. The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, NXT Tag Team Champions Roderick Strong & Kyle O'Reilly)


We go back to the ring and Kayla goes over the rules for tonight's main event. Out first comes The Undisputed Era – Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and NXT Tag Team Champions Roderick Strong & Kyle O'Reilly. Leader Cole heads to the ring as the others enter a smaller cage together on the stage. Cole checks out the big double-cage and enters the ring to do his pose for a pop. Out first for the other team are The War Raiders, Hanson and Rowe. They enter a cage together and talk some trash with The Undisputed Era members in the cages. Out next is WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne. He also talks trash to his opponents on the stage. Dunne raises his title and enters the smaller cage with Hanson and Rowe. NXT North American Champion Ricochet is out next and he heads to the ring.


The bell rings and Cole stands in one ring while Ricochet is in the other. They talk trash and taunt each other. Ricochet enters Cole's ring and Cole attacks him, taking it to the corner. Ricochet turns it around and unloads, nailing an uppercut. Ricochet with a big chop against the ropes. Ricochet ends up taking Cole over with a headscissors. Ricochet with a dropkick now for a pop.

Ricochet keeps control for a few minutes. Ricochet goes for a flying back elbow from the second rope in the corner but Cole catches him in mid-air with a Backstabber. Cole keeps control and mounts Ricochet with strikes now. Cole with a neckbreaker. Cole with more offense, dropping Ricochet in the middle of the ring again. Cole tosses Ricochet to the mat and keeps him down, dropping knees and driving knees into the back. Cole uses the middle rope to choke Ricochet now, putting his face in the steel and talking trash. Ricochet fights back but Cole kicks him down to one knee. Ricochet with a kick to the head to avoid a backdrop. Ricochet puts boots to Cole now. Cole rolls over into the other ring. Ricochet runs and jumps up to the corner of his ring, springboarding over into the other ring with a flying European uppercut to take Cole back down. The timer goes off as fans count down. Kyle O'Reilly is let out to join the match.


O'Reilly hits the ring and Ricochet meets him but Kyle gets the upperhand with open-palm strikes. O'Reilly with knees and more strikes on the mat. O'Reilly checks on Cole and turns back to Ricochet as the double team begins.

Ricochet ends up fighting off both opponents but O'Reilly takes him down with a Dragon Screw leg whip. Ricochet goes down clutching his knee. Cole drives knees into Ricochet now. O'Reilly follows up and levels Ricochet with a kick. Fans try to rally for Ricochet and he starts mounting offense. They turn it back around and Cole drives Ricochet down into his knee and O'Reilly's knee at the same time. The timer goes off again and Pete Dunne looks to leave the cage but The War Raiders stop him and Hanson runs down to the ring. Dunne doesn't look happy.

Hanson hits the ring and unloads on Cole and O'Reilly. The big man overpowers and moves around with shots to both opponents. Hanson hits a bunch of running clotheslines in the corners to both Cole and O'Reilly. Fans go wild as he continues the running clotheslines from corner to corner. Hanson stands tall and raises the horns. Hanson with a big Bronco Buster to both opponents at the same time. Ricochet and Hanson team up now. Ricochet jumps off Hanson's back and hits a Shooting Star Press to O'Reilly as fans pop. More back and forth between everyone now. The timer goes off and Roderick Strong is out next.


Strong hits the ring and unloads. Strong with a big dropkick to Ricochet and chops to Hanson in the corner. Strong with a jumping knee in the corner to Ricochet. Strong with two Uranages to Ricochet and another big move over the knees as fans pop for the sequence. Strong uses Ricochet as a missile and goes to work on Hanson. Hanson catches him in mid-air and tosses him. The Undisputed Era ends up triple teaming Hanson to shut him down. Fans chant "Undisputed!" now. They all take turns on Ricochet and Hanson now, keeping them down on the mat and in the corner.

The timer goes off again and Dunne fights a bit with Rowe as their cage is opened. Rowe gets out first and runs to the ring. Rowe unloads on all three opponents and hits a big suplex to Strong. Cole makes the save for O'Reilly but Rowe levels Cole with a big knee. Kyle jumps on Rowe's back with a hold. Cole comes over but Rowe chokeslams him, while Kyle is still on his back. Rowe ends up slamming Strong and O'Reilly with a powerbomb – powerslam combo at the same time. Cole is the only one standing now as they stare him down. Ricochet sends him into The War Raiders and they launch him into the steel of the cage. Hanson and Rowe take turns on Cole in the corner now. Ricochet with chops to Strong in the other corner. The timer goes off and it's time for Bobby Fish to be let out.


Fish leaves the cage and goes over to lock Dunne in his cage. Fish pulls Dunne into the cage bars and lays him out. Fish sabotages the lock and takes the key, making sure Dunne can't get out. Fish taunts Dunne as he's down. Fish launches the cage key into the crowd. Fish goes to the ring and starts handing steel chairs in from under the ring. Fish nails Hanson with a chair as he struggled with Fish. Fish and O'Reilly with chair shots to their opponents. Cole and Strong join in with chair shots to the others. Mauro points out how War Games can't officially start until Dunne has entered.

The Undisputed Era destroys their opponents now. Hanson gets driven into the steel. Rowe gets driven down into a chair that was set up. Ricochet was also beaten down. They launch The War Raiders into the steel of the cage again. They stomp away as the timer counts down again. It's time for Dunne to be let out. A referee has found another key but he says it's not working. Another referee is going for help it appears. The Undisputed Era continues to control things down in the ring. Fans chant "Bruiserweight" for Dunne. Strong and O'Reilly take Hanson to the top. Strong superplexes Hanson from one corner while Fish superplexes Rowe from the top in the other ring. Cole talks trash about how they run the show, looking up at Dunne. Another referee brings out bolt cutters as Dunne gets ready to rush the ring. The lock is broken and here comes Dunne. The cage door is shut and they're keeping him from getting in. He grabs a kendo stick from under the ring, hitting Fish and O'Reilly. Dunne opens the door but here comes Cole. Dunne smashes Cole's hand on the steel steps with the stick. Strong comes over but Dunne fights him, slamming the door into him. Dunne throws the kendo stick in the ring. Ricochet nails a crossbody to take out his opponents. Dunne throws a trash can full of weapons into the ring, and another trash can. Dunne goes back under the ring for a table as fans pop big time. Dunne slides the table into Rowe. Ricochet and Hanson keep their opponents down. Dunne slides another table in the ring. Dunne brings another stick in and enters the cage. War Games has officially started.


Dunne enters and unloads on his opponents with kendo stick shots. Ricochet also uses a kendo stick on the others. Dunne sends O'Reilly to the steel partition between the ring. Dunne works on the hand and wrist, then stomps on it on the steel partition. Ricochet smacks O'Reilly with the kendo stick. Dunne works on O'Reilly's hand some more. Dunne slams Strong on top of O'Reilly. Cole comes back and launches Ricochet into the steel after a knee. O'Reilly gets a chair kicked into his head by Hanson. Hanson puts a trash can over Cole's head. Rowe grabs Hanson and rams him back onto Cole with the can on him, smashing him into the turnbuckles. Rowe scoops Hanson and slams him on top of O'Reilly on the steel partition. The War Raiders double team Strong now and hit a huge clothesline. Hanson with a 2 count on Strong as Fish makes the save. They go for the same double team clothesline but O'Reilly slams a trash can into Hanson's face. Fish and O'Reilly work on The War Raiders now.

Strong drops Ricochet over his knees and Cole follows up with a Backstabber to Ricochet. The Undisputed Era surrounds Dunne now. He stands up and starts fighting them off. Dunne sends Cole flying with a forearm. He takes out the others for a pop. Dunne drops Fish into a kneebar. The referee checks on Fish as Dunne stretches the injured knee. O'Reilly breaks it up to make the save. O'Reilly nails Dunne with a chain. O'Reilly wraps the chain around Dunne's hurt ankle now. Dunne counters and applies the Kimura with the chain. Fish breaks it with a steel chair shot to the arm. O'Reilly with a submission to Dunne now. The Undisputed Era keeps The War Raiders and Ricochet from saving Dunne from the submission. Strong joins in and works over Dunne while the submission is still locked. Ricochet comes flying over to make the save. Strong with a chair to the gut of Ricochet. Hanson is the only one standing now. Hanson takes O'Reilly to the top of one corner while Rowe takes Strong to the other. Cole drops Hanson from behind. Dunne levels Fish with a big kick to the face. Dunne climbs up to Strong while Ricochet climbs up to O'Reilly. They hit in-stereo hurricanranas for a pop. Ricochet covers O'Reilly but he kicks out at 2.


The War Raiders stand a table up in the ring now. Hanson places Cole on top of it but the leg breaks. Some fans boo. Hanson fixes the leg and stands the table back up. Rowe grabs Cole from the middle of the two rings and goes for a powerbomb but Cole fights out. Hanson ends up powerslamming Cole for a close 2 count as Kyle breaks it up with a chair shot to the back. Rowe grabs Cole again but Fish hits him with a kendo stick in the back. Fish sends Rowe crashing hard through a table that was standing up between the two rings. Cole works over Ricochet now in the corner, in front of a standing table. Cole takes Ricochet to the top for a superplex through the table. Ricochet counters and slides down. Cole is in the Tree of Woe but here comes Kyle for the save. Ricochet unloads and places O'Reilly on the top of the table. Cole is still upside down in the corner. Strong with a knee to the jaw of Ricochet. O'Reilly applies a submission from the table to Ricochet. Hanson stands on the top rope of the other ring. He leaps over and puts O'Reilly through the table with a huge splash. The pin is broken at 2. Fans chant for NXT again as we get a replay

All eight Superstars are down now. Cole gets up first. Cole climbs the cage to escape. Ricochet meets him at the top and they brawl. Strong comes up and they look to push Ricochet off but it backfires. Dunne also gets involved. Dunne looks to try and suplex Cole to the mat. O'Reilly climbs up and assists Cole. Rowe climbs up to assist Dunne. Fish comes over to help Cole and O'Reilly. This just leads to a massive seven-man superplex – powerbomb combo from the top rope to the mat. Ricochet watched from the top of the cage. Ricochet stands straight up on top of the cage now as fans cheer him on. Ricochet nails a huge double rotation moonsault from the top of the cage, landing on everyone else down below. The crowd pop big and we get a replay.


Both teams recover and look on from their own ring as the crowd cheers them all on, chanting for NXT. The two teams meet at the partition and talk trash. They step between the rings and start brawling with each other again. We're back to most everyone down. Fish and Rowe go at it. Rowe with a big knee to the face. Hanson goes to the top and hits a big leg drop on Fish as Rowe held him. O'Reilly grabs Rowe and Strong launches in with a kick. Hanson takes out Strong and O'Reilly with a handspring double back elbow. Ricochet ends up springboarding at Cole and taking him out. Dunne unloads on Cole now. Cole counters and spikes Dunne with a DDT. Cole with more big offense to Dunne for a close 2 count. Cole exposes his own knee but Dunne ducks. Dunne drops Cole on his head and Ricochet flies with the 450 in for the follow-up on top of Cole. Dunne covers for the pin to win while Ricochet also has his arm on Cole.

Winners: Pete Dunne, Ricochet and The War Raiders

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