WWE Starrcade Results (11/25): AJ Styles Faces Samoa Joe In A Steel Cage, 8-Woman Tag Match, MizTV

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of WWE Starrcade! Coverage of the one-hour special will begin at 8pm ET. The show was taped last night, so if you want to check out all of the matches, click here.

- Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are on commentary for tonight's show from Cincinnati, Ohio.

- Elias kicks things off in the ring and plays some music for the fans. He asks the crowd who wants to walk with Elias? He then asks then if it gets any better than an Elias performance and he says no it doesn't, but he has a very special man will who walk with him tonight, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Flair makes his way out to the ring to a nice applause. Flair says he's been dying to walk with Elias ever since he saw him on TV. Flair says 35 years ago it was him versus Harley Race and he's honor to be here and with Elias. Elias says well the only thing is to sing and play a little song.

Before Elias can get going, out comes Nia Jax, Tamina, Mickie James, and Alicia Fox. Elias looks slightly annoyed, but Flair is all smiles as the four Superstars enter the ring. Nia gets on the mic and says they wanted to walk with Elias. Crowd boos Nia. Elias says he's not surprised, Flair responds, "Beautiful women!" and Elias responds, "Easy, Ric." Elias starts up the song as he tells Fox to pay attention. Elias sings a song with a little help from Ric Flair. Nia Jax then jumps in with some horrifically bad singing, crowd boos, Elias stops. Nia says she turned down a record deal for WWE, Elias says she needs to shut her mouth and calls for four of his friends out here to help him out. Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke, Bayley, and Ember Moon heads to the ring for the 8-woman tag.

Bayley, Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, and Dana Brooke vs. Alicia Fox, Mickie James, Nia Jax, and Tamina

James and Ember get things started. James with the strikes, but Ember hits a springboard crossbody and tags in Brooke. Double suplex on James, Brooke tries for an early pin, two-count. Brooke with a handspring back elbow in the corner, powerslam, splash, cover, and James kicks out at two. Bayley tags in as James runs over to Tamina and tags her in. Bayley dodges a punch and lands a couple of her own, Tamina with one strike drops Bayley. Back elbow in the corner on Bayley, Tamina charges in, nobody home, Bayley with a running high knee, looks for another, sent out to the apron and drapes Tamina's neck over the second rope. Jax gets tagged in, double shoulder block on Bayley. Crowd boos Nia as she goes for a pin, two.

Fox tags in and goes for a reverse chin lock on Bayley, Fox throws her into the corner and Jax tags in (more boos). Jax throws Bayley to the floor and takes out Ember and Brooke in the corner. Bayley tries to fight her way from Nia, Nia ends up slugging one of her own partners on the apron, Bayley gets away and tags in Banks. Fox tags in, Banks with double knees in the corner, pin, Tamina breaks that up. Ember with an eclipse on Tamina. James tags out Ember, Brooke with a rough looking crossbody off the top rope, Nia disposes of her. Bayley with a flying elbow to the back of Jax's neck. Fox goes after Banks, but Banks locks in the bank statement for the victory.

Winners: Bayley, Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke, and Ember Moon via Submission

- Samoa Joe talks about his upcoming steel cage match against AJ Styles, talks about the definition of insanity and how they have had matches over and over again. Joe says that despite his losses, Styles is the one who keeps leaving the ring with a piece of him missing. Joe continues that Styles is actually the insane one if he expects to come out of tonight's steel cage...at all. He reminds Styles to enjoy his friends and family because his time is up.

- The Miz is in the ring for tonight's MizTV segment. Miz reminds the fans of Starrcade's history featuring stars like Ric Flair, Harley Race, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Lex Luger, and Dusty Rhodes. Miz introduces WWE US Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Rey Mysterio. Out comes Mysterio with a neck brace on, thanks to an attack from Randy Orton on this past week's SmackDown.

Miz asks Mysterio why he's at the show and not at home healing. Mysterio says he's here because Starrcade holds a special place in his heart because Mysterio got to see Superstars for the first time (Sting, Ric Flair, and Eddie Guerrero). Crowd with an "Eddie!" chant. Mysterio continues that it's important to him to leave a piece of history here by beating Nakamura tonight. Miz stirs things up a bit and then asks Nakamura about how he feels what Mysterio said. Nakamura responds, "arcade?" Miz says, "No, Starrcade! Do you not know about Starrcade?" Nakamura says he knows about the event, but just doesn't care about it, nor does he care about Mysterio.

Mysterio gets a little heated, Miz reminds Mysterio he wasn't the one who cost Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. Mysterio mocks Miz's "When my hands goes up" catchphrase and then talks some trash to Nakamura. Miz is all kinds of bothered by Mysterio and Nakamura gets in a few cheap shots, then rips off Mysterio's brace. Miz calls for a referee and one comes out.

Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Rey Mysterio (WWE US Championship Match)

Nakamura immediately goes goes for Mysterio's neck with some knees. Nakamura sends Mysterio to the mat, looks for the kinshasa, but Mysterio turns him around for a cover, two count. Nakamura with another kick that drops Mysterio. Nakamura puts Mysterio up on the top rope, knees to the midsection. Mysterio recover, knocks Nakamura out to the floor, baseball slide. Mysterio looks for a seated senton and ends up hitting Miz instead of Nakamura. Back in the ring, Mysterio with a springboard seated senton. Nakamura gets put in position for the 619, but Miz grabs Mysterio out on the floor and the ref throws the match out. Nakamaura and Miz kicks away at a grounded Mysterio as Rusev runs out to make the save. He sends Miz out of the ring and then Nakamura, as well.

Winner: Rey Mysterio via DQ (Nakamura retains the title)

- Post-match, Lana comes out and asks the fans if they want to see a tag match, they do, and we get a tag match!

Rusev and Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz and Shinsuke Nakamura

Miz and Nakamura decide it's not worth it and start heading to the back, both Rusev and Mysterio chase after and bring them back to the ring. Both Miz and Nakamura are sent into the ring and get beat up a bit in the corners. Mysterio ends up sending Miz into the ropes, looks for 619, but Nakamura breaks that up and goes to work on Mysterio, tries for a pin, two-count. Miz is tagged in and mocks Rusev a bit as he kicks Mysterio. Mysterio tries to fight back, but gets kicked in the face. Miz taunts Rusev again. Nakamura tags in, distracts the referee a bit as Miz hammers away on Mysterio, cover, two.

Mysterio finally starts to fight back, kicks Nakmura in the head and looks to find his way back to Rusev. Nakamura slows him down, Mysterio with an enziguri, tags in Rusev. He meets Miz with a couple clotheslines, spinning heel kick, tries for the machka kick, no, skull crushing finale, no, Rusev with a roundhouse kick, cover, two. Rusev looked for the accolade, Nakamura runs interference, Miz with the skull crushing finale, cover, Mysterio saves the match. Mysterio with a boot to Miz, hurricanrana sends Miz into the ropes (and Nakmura). Mysterio with a 619 to both Miz and Nakamura, Rusev with a machka kick to Miz, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Rusev and Rey Mysterio via Pinfall

Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles (Steel Cage Match)

Joe immediately gets after Styles, tries to throw Styles' head into the cage, Styles blocks it and punches Joe. Styles tries to sends Joe into the cage, nope, both trade chops to each other. Dropkick by Styles, kick to the back, elbow to the back of the head, kick to the leg and stomach, Styles is very measured early on with his strikes. He looks for a suplex, but doesn't have much luck at first, knee to the face, tries again, suplex ends up faceplanting Styles into the mat and then sending him into the cage, not once, but twice. Styles is stuck between the ropes and cage, Joe charges in and crushes him against the cage.

Styles fights back with strikes, but Joe hits a big back elbow that turns him inside out. Joe looks to escape, Styles stops that, Joe drops him, pin, two. Styles up, Joe charges in and ends up running face first into the cage. Styles punches away on his opponent, Joe ends up in the corner, Styles with a splash, tries to lift Joe, nope, Styles with a backflip DDT, cover, Joe with a foot on the bottom rope. Styles tries climbing to the top of the cage, Joe grabs a foot, but gets kicked, Styles leaps off the top turnbuckle, gets caught and Joe hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex!

Styles recovers, hits a tornado DDT using the turnbuckle. Tries for the styles clash and Joe counters with a monkey flip, sending Styles into the cage, kick, running senton, cover, two-count. Joe sits Styles up on the top turnbuckle, Joe looks for the muscle buster, Styles fights that off, hits a chop block to Joe's knee and he kicks away at Joe's banged up knee. Styles charges in and gets sent straight down to the mat on his back. Joe favoring his knee as Styles look for the calf crusher on Joe. Joe looks to grab the rope, but that won't help him any, Joe ends up tapping out to Styles.

Winner: AJ Styles via Submission