WWE Survivor Series Fan Survey, The New Day With Nitro Circus Star (Video), Nia Jax Visits UUDD

- The above video has Nia Jax and Xavier Woods on the YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown playing Final Fight 2 and talking about their favorite TV dramas. The pair also revisits their superhuman moments from their pasts.

- WWE is doing a fan survey to see how excited fans are about their upcoming PPV, Survivor Series. The survey asks about each match and there are five options you can pick from: Not At All Interested, A Little Bit Interested, Somewhat Interested, Very Interested and Extremely Interested. So you can share your opinion by clicking here. Survivor Series will be taking place on Nov. 18 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Some of the matches that will be taking place are: WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, WWE Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey vs. WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch, and WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs. WWE US Champion Shinsuke Nakamura.

- The New Day welcomed Nitro Circus' Ryan Williams backstage at WWE London. Williams is known for doing the the first triple backflip on a scooter and the first triple frontflip on BMX. After an online video went viral he became part of Nitro Circus. Nitro Circus later this month will be in Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, and London. It was WWE UK who first shared a tweet about the gathering and then Williams also shared his experience on Twitter. You can read the tweets below:


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