RAW vs. SmackDown: WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out comes WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Bryan starts a “yes!” chant but stops. He keeps going from smirk to strange glare at the crowd. Bryan hits the ring and waits for a minute until the music hits. The music plays for a minute or so until WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar finally makes his way out with Paul Heyman. Bryan watches from ringside and smirks. Lesnar makes it to the ringside area and Bryan is already taunting him.

JoJo begins formal ring introductions but Heyman interrupts and does the intro for his client. The bell rings and Bryan rushes in for Lesnar’s knee. Lesnar regroups and sizes Bryan up. Bryan jogs around the outside of the ring as Lesnar watches. Bryan looks to go back in the ring but he stops and wastes some more time. Lesnar goes out after Bryan but Bryan runs back in the ring. Bryan raises his arms and plays to the crowd. Lesnar returns to the ring as Bryan mocks him and waits.

Lesnar catches a kick and drops Bryan with a big shot to the side of the head. Lesnar smiles and picks Bryan up for the first big German suplex. The referee checks on Bryan but he looks laid out already. Lesnar easily drags Bryan over to the middle of the ring and yells out “Suplex City!” to get the chant going. Fans follow the lead. Lesnar easily lifts Bryan and launches him for the second German. Heyman looks shocked at how Bryan was just dumped on his head. Lesnar drags Bryan back to the middle of the ring. Lesnar picks Bryan up by his head and manhandles him in the corner for a second before tossing him across the ring by his head. Bryan grabs Lesnar’s ankle as Lesnar looks down at him. Lesnar with a huge belly-to-belly throw across the ring. Lesnar with a third huge throw to Bryan. Lesnar easily kicks Bryan under the bottom rope to the floor. Lesnar raises his title to boos and cheers.

Lesnar sends Bryan into the barrier and then brings him back in. Bryan rolls back out but Lesnar just ragdolls him into the barrier. Lesnar rolls Bryan back into the ring and follows. The announcers comment on how the crowd has a stunned silence about it. Lesnar lifts Bryan and applies a bearhug in the middle of the ring now. The referee checks on Bryan as Lesnar squeezes. Lesnar just drops Bryan to the mat and laughs over him.

Lesnar stalks Bryan and delivers another German suplex, the third. Lesnar stalks Bryan some more as some more boos pick up. Lesnar with another bearhug in the middle of the ring. Lesnar launches Bryan with another belly-to-belly throw. Lesnar scoops Bryan and delivers a F5 in the middle of the ring. Lesnar covers for the pin but stops before the 3 count. Lesnar is enjoying this. Lesnar throws Bryan to the mat again.

Bryan manages a kick tot he face from the mat. A second kick to the neck brings Lesnar down. Lesnar ends up sending Bryan into the referee with a F5, inadvertently knocking him down. Bryan nails a low blow to Lesnar but the referee doesn’t see it. Bryan nails the flying knee but Lesnar kicks out just in time. Heyman screams at ringside as the crowd wakes back up.

Bryan with several Yes Kicks now, keeping Lesnar down. Bryan unloads with many kicks in the corner as fans chant along with him. Bryan unloads with stiff stomps to Lesnar’s face now, stunning him. Heyman screams some more. Bryan runs in with another knee attempt but Lesnar catches him in mid-air. Bryan slides out and sends Lesnar out of the ring. Bryan launches himself over the top to the floor but Lesnar catches him. Bryan slides out and pushes Lesnar face-first into the ring post. Bryan runs and jumps from the apron, dropping Lesnar on the floor with another knee. Bryan runs the ropes for a suicide dive but Lesnar catches him and drives him into the ring post like it’s nothing. Lesnar lifts Bryan again and rams him spine-first into the post. Lesnar grabs half of the steel ring steps and rams them at Bryan but he moves. Lesnar hits the post and the steps fall on him.

Bryan goes back to the apron and hits a flying knee to bring Lesnar back down on the floor. The referee counts and fans count along. Lesnar counters a kick with one of his own. Lesnar brings Bryan in the ring and makes it back in just before the count. Lesnar gets up and Bryan hits the running knee for a close 2 count. Both Superstars are slow to get back up now. Bryan takes the knee out from behind with a chop block. Bryan drags Lesnar and slams his leg into the ring post. Lesnar falls to the floor. Bryan brings it back into the ring and goes to the top for a missile dropkick. Bryan starts getting hyped up as Heyman loses his mind at ringside. Bryan charges with another knee and sends Lesnar into the corner. Bryan with another corner dropkick. Bryan charges again but Lesnar goes for the F5. Bryan counters and drops him into the Yes Lock. Fans pop as the referee checks on Lesnar in the submission. Lesnar is nowhere near the ropes as Bryan tightens the hold. Lesnar powers out but Bryn clubs him in the head several times. Bryan applies the Yes Lock again. Lesnar starts trying to move towards the ropes but Bryan keeps the hold locked in. Lesnar powers out again but Bryan applies a triangle. They tangle a bit. Lesnar powers up and drops Bryan with the F5. Lesnar covers for the win.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

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