Rey Mysterio made his WWE return in October and wrestled his first singles match for the company in over four years. Mysterio is 43 years old, but he still has lots left to give the business and wants to wrestle long enough so that he can share a ring with his son, Dominic.

Dominic is 21 years old and has been training for the ring over the last year. Rey has him training in many different styles and up next for Dominic is working with Booker T at Reality of Wrestling. Booker joined our WINCLY podcast where he discussed what he has in store for Dominic.

“[Dominic’s] learned just about every form that he needs to learn,” Booker said of Dominic’s prior training, “and now to give him a little bit of a TV run [when he joins ROW] and let him work with some of my guys.

Booker said working a TV style of wrestling is a little different than what Dominic’s learned in the past, but ROW has the right people to help train him for that style including Rex Andrews.

Booker also said he’s looking forward to working with Dominic because he’s the son of his favorite wrestler.

“It’s going to be awesome to work with the son of a guy I respect so much. A guy who I always said was my favorite wrestler in Rey Myseterio,” said Booker T.

As far as the current wrestlers in Booker’s promotion, some of them have caught the eye of WWE and will be headed to the Performance Center in the near future.

“A couple of my guys are getting tryouts next month and I’m pretty stoked about it,” revealed Booker. “I don’t wanna say their names as I don’t want to jinx them or anything like that…

Booker ended up revealing a couple of the names and said his wrestlers, Geno and Bam Harrison, will be getting WWE tryouts next month.

“Both of those guys have worked for me for quite some time,” Booker said of the two.

Konnan also joined the podcast where he talked about working with Dominic who also happens to be his godson.

“He’s incredible because he’s not like your typical wrestler or son’s wrestler,” Konnan stated. “He didn’t grow up wanting to be a wrestler. He was very disinterested and all of a sudden he told his dad, ‘I think I want to try this.’

Konnan then revealed one of the factors which led to Mysterio coming back to WWE.

“That’s one of the reasons [Mysterio] went back to WWE, because he wants to open up the doors for Dominic,” said Konnan.

Even though Dominic is much bigger than his father, Konnan said there will always be comparisons between the two and it’s best that Dominic learns many different styles in addition to the Lucha Libre style his father made famous.

“There’s going to be comparisons, but Rey wants to make sure his son is properly trained so he’s got him going with Lance Storm. He’s going to send him to Japan. I think he’s going to send him down to Booker T. Fenix is going to train him a little bit. I’m going to train him. He’s going to get real good training so when he goes in there, he looks good and he can take care of himself,” said Konnan.