Brody King Discusses Why He Wouldn't Leave His Full Time Job To Sign With WWE

Brody King appeared on XPAC 12360 this week and discussed his rumored signing with ROH. You can watch the interview in the video above or download the podcast version on iTunes or Android.

They sent us these highlights:

Working a full-time job while wrestling:

"My work ethic is pretty good, I have a full-time job that I work Monday through Friday and I also train five days a week. I don't think I can sacrifice the life that I have now to have like a starting rate at somewhere like WWE, that would be huge blow to me in my personal life. The stuff that I have coming up that I cannot confirm or deny, I am able to do my job part-time which is like the best part-time job in the world cause when you want work you can look for it and when you don't, you don't look for it. And I can do that and do my wrestling career full-time."

Facing Jungle Boy at PWG:

"It's almost like a full circle thing. Almost a year from when I debuted, another California kid is debuting. He has all the tools I feel you need to get over. He looks cool, does cool stuff, he's got this mystique about him, he doesn't say much but he doesn't need to. His dad is Luke Perry, so that's kinda funny."


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