Earlier this week, IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho responded to a video from Tetsuya Naito, who mocked Jericho’s face paint and being a self-proclaimed international star. The two first met in June at NJPW Dominion where Jericho beat Naito for the title. They will be battling it out again at Wrestle Kingdom 13 on January 4, 2019.

In the video above, Naito cracked jokes about Jericho copying other people’s shirts to make money and wearing “lame” make-up.

“Mr. Jericho, how’s it going?” Naito asked. “You’re an international superstar who is ‘muy ocupado,’ right? Where are you right now? Probably not at home, right? Right now you’re most likely traveling all over the world, huh? I mean, you are an international superstar. But, take a look at my makeup. What do you think? An international superstar wouldn’t put this lame makeup on his face, would he? If he used make-up, he would do it cooler, wouldn’t he? And he wouldn’t rip-off someone else’s t-shirt design to make a little cash. He wouldn’t do anything that cheap, would he?

“We know that anyone you get involved with gains more notoriety, I bet there are tons of wrestlers who want to face you here in New Japan, there should be lots of wrestlers who want that shot. Although, nobody really talks about you. Is it perhaps that nobody’s really that interested in you? The self-proclaimed international superstar, Mr. Chris Jericho. Am I saying anything wrong? Whatever. Just face me already. You probably really don’t have much else going on. Right? The self-proclaimed international superstar, Mr. Chris Jericho. I know the truth, you wouldn’t wear lame make-up like this would you? Come on. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you. Cabron!”

In the video below, Jericho then responded by recalling that he’s the champion and he beat Naito at Dominion. He also called Naito “sarcastic” and a “little fly.” Jericho ended with a reminder that he will be leaving with the title on January 4. Here are his full comments:

“Hello, Naito-san! It’s Chris Jericho, you know the guy with the lame make-up, the guy who stole your t-shirt design to make some cash, and I made a lot of cash from that so I thank you, and more importantly the guy who beat you up for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship this past June in Dominion,” Jericho said. “You know it’s funny you say no one’s talking about me, but everyone’s talking about you, Naito. Everyone’s talking about Chris Jericho kicked your ass at Dominion. How Chris Jericho left your land and became the IWGP Intercontinental Champion and I know it’s driving you crazy. People talking behind your back ever since you’ve done nothing of merit ever since.

“You’re right Naito, I’m an international superstar, but what does it matter? What does it matter where I’ve been, what I’ve done, what legends I’ve beaten, all that matters is I beat you, and it bothers you? Now on January 4th, you’re gonna get your chance, you’re gonna get a rematch on the biggest card in New Japan history, Wrestle Kingdom 13 filled with potential classic matches from the first match to the last match. I will tell you this, Jericho / Naito 2, it’s not going to be a classic, it’s gonna be a war. It’s gonna brutal and if you think people are talking about you now Naito, just wait and see what they’re talking about on January 5th, the day after the Tokyo Dome.

“They’re gonna be saying, ‘Wow, I thought Naito, got his a– kicked bad at Dominion, but whoa, Chris Jericho destroyed him atWrestle Kingdom 13.‘ That’s the way it’s gonna be Naito because your a little fly buzzing around my head, smack, done! I’m gonna shut you up for good, you sarcastic arrogant little b—- self. Remember, I’m not ‘tranquillo’, Naito. I’m f—ing crazy. I’m gonna prove it again at the Tokyo Dome at Wrestle Kingdom 13, and I’m going to leave with the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. Do you understand me? See you then.”

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