Cody Rhodes spoke to Sports Illustrated about an a recent unfavorable headline about himself, the Ring of Honor World Championship, and if he’d work at the ROH /NJPW Supercard event at Madison Square Garden on April 6. Here are some of the highlights:

Reacting to the New York Post headline featuring an interview with ROH World Champion Jay Lethal (“The man trying to save Ring of Honor from Cody Rhodes’ mess”):

“The ‘mess’ I created was a 40 percent net gross increase for Ring of Honor that I feel had a great deal to do with the Bullet Club and their success this past year. Sounds silly, but there are plenty of people at ROH, and I think Jay is one of them, that are afraid of their own success. They don’t want to leave the bubble. They think I’m genuinely insane for attempting to do the things I dream of.”

If title reigns define him as a wrestler and the ROH title:

“I don’t know what defines me as a wrestler. It would be rather pretentious to define myself this early in my career. What I pride myself on, however, is not taking ‘no’ for an answer. And for believing that wrestling can change. The world we live in can change. And it’s even more possible with teammates like I have in The Elite. … I’ve been around wrestling since I opened my eyes for the first time. I know the difference between a title that matters and one that we have to pretend matters. The ROH title is validated by the soldiers who’ve carried it. It will be an honor to wear it a second time. And of course, I will break all the rules just as I have done the past two years. It’ll go everywhere.”

If he’ll wrestle at the ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden on April 6:

“It would take a lot for me to be part of the Garden show. I’ve had some special moments in the Garden. Survivor Series was a highlight of my career, my first Rumble, moonsaulting off the cage onto Cesaro. I have a massive amount of respect for Joe Koff and [GM] Greg Gilleland. My exclusivity with Ring of Honor ended a while back and they’ve maintained everything on a handshake deal. I think Greg is a revolutionary in how he allows talent to play with without overproducing. But I can’t imagine me being on that particular show. After two ‘supercards’ and breaking my back essentially against Kenny last year, it still can’t change the fact that people are in town for WWE.

“ROH and NJPW sold that building out and that is massive and special and I love that they did it, but had they did it on another weekend, I’d be more likely to be featured on it. After 10 years with WWE doing ‘Mania weekend and two more with ROH, I am leaving that weekend for the boys and girls of the WWE.”

Rhodes also discussed how much fun he’s having with Being the Elite. Rhodes will be facing ROH World Champion Jay Lethal at tonight’s ROH Final Battle PPV, be sure to join our live coverage beginning at 8 pm ET! You can check out the full interview by clicking here.