Jeff Cobb Says Backstage Vibe At ROH Final Battle Was 'Sad At Times', Talks Match Against Adam Page

With all of the big matches on the Final Battle card, the match for the ROH television title might have gotten lost in the shuffle. But Jeff Cobb and Adam Page made sure that didn't happen as they dueled it out with the champion, Cobb, retaining the title.

Cobb joined our WINCLY podcast where he told Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman what story he and Page were trying to tell with their Final Battle match.

"We're two big hoss boys just beating the holy poop out of each other," said Cobb who added that he always wanted to be a part of ROH for matches like this. "ROH is the place that I've always wanted to come for a long time. My first day being accepted by everybody… everybody's just so cool backstage and it's just a fun environment to be a part of. I'm just happy to be a part of it."

Cobb got the victory over Page after a couple of Tour of the Islands finishers. But he says his favorite part of the match was an improvised spot that nearly resulted in a pin by Page.

"There was a point in that match where I figured I'd just jump on him crossbody from the second rope," stated Cobb. "I wasn't expecting him to roll through, pick me up and do a fallaway slam, so that really shocked me. I'm sure you heard the reaction that it got as most people weren't expecting it as well.

"To his credit, Page is a big, strong boy."

Cobb then said he compared that situation to a meme and said, "It was at that point, Jeff knew he F'd up."

It was well known that Page and others were on their way out of ROH after Final Battle, and Cobb discussed if Page seemed distracted knowing that he was leaving.

"No, both our mindsets were focused on stealing the show and showcasing the ROH TV championship. I don't think we disappointed," said Cobb. "Anytime you lose great talent, it's always gonna suck, not just product-wise but backstage as well. The Bucks are cool, Cody's cool, Page is cool. I don't know if [SoCal Uncensored] is leaving but they were super cool, but it's just life. Even if you have a regular day job, people come and go.

"It wasn't like a celebration, but it was sad at times."

Cobb's full interview from this week's WINCLY podcast also includes him discussing advice given to him by former ROH TV Champion Punishment Martinez, his ROH 2019 goals and more. The WINCLY also features a nearly one-hour, exclusive interview with WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray. Subscribe to Wrestling Inc Audio on iTunes to get all of Wrestling Inc's podcasts as soon as they are released.


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