Becky Lynch took to Twitter today to respond to props she just received from John Cena.

Cena spoke of The Man while doing an interview to promote his new Bumblebee movie, which hits theaters tomorrow. Cena said, “I love any instance where people feel comfortable enough with self to be expressive. For so long I didn’t know what or who Becky Lynch was, and now I do, and that fires me up.”

Becky responded, via Twitter, and said she found her voice in 2018, but everyone else better step up in 2019 because she will not be held down again.

Becky wrote, “I found my voice in 2018. That simple, powerful thing left the rest scrambling to catch up. In 2019 everybody better step up because nothing or no-one is going to hold me down again.”

Below is the tweet from Becky and the clip of Cena: