WWE Superstar Kalisto recently stopped by 317 Gimmick Street for a conversation with WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin on The Steve Austin Show. Among many other good lucha things, Kalisto discussed the anonymity of wearing a mask, whether he watches Lucha Underground, and where he gets ideas for his high flying moves in and around the squared circle.

According to Kalisto, his masks allows him anonymity except when he hangs out with fellow WWE Superstar Sasha Banks.

“That’s the cool thing about me, I guess.” Kalisto explained, “I get my privacy because nobody knows what I look like. I can go in and out at a restaurant or whatever, bar, anywhere! Anywhere I want to go and I don’t get bothered. Now, when I’m with Sasha, ‘hey, that [has] got to be Kalisto, right?’ I’m like, ‘eeh, hey, what’s up, man? Do you want a picture?'”

Kalisto claimed that he watches Lucha Underground and that he is close with friends with the likes of Pentagón and Fénix. ‘The Lucha Dragon’ went on to say that he has wrestled everyone on the Lucha Underground roster.

“Oh yeah, Pentagón, Jr., Fénix, everybody that’s there, I’ve wrestled.” Kalisto added, “and I’ve been in the ring with everyone [on the] show pretty much. It’s a funny story with Pentagón because I was Octagón, Jr. in Mexico. And then, from there, they created Pentagón, Jr. And then, we had this feud. We only had one pay-per-view, but then I signed with WWE. So it was a short term [run], but it worked out great for Pentagón and Pentagón is doing big stuff right now. His cero miedo, man, it’s going all over! Zero fear, right now, he’s on top.”

Additionally, during the interview, Kalisto shared that he watches Cirque du Soleil and ballet to get ideas for moves.  

“I love learning different styles.” Kalisto explained, “I love watching ballet and Cirque du Soleil, the circus. The reason is because, look, watch, I’ll tell you why, because the way they base and they way they throw people and I’m like, ‘oh, if they throw me or if they throw this person a certain [way], that could make them twist.'”

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Source: The Steve Austin Show