Marc Mero Opens Up About His Post-Wrestling Career Helping Children

Marc Mero had a successful career inside the world of pro wrestling. He is a three-time WCW Television Champion and a one-time WWF Intercontinental Champion. It is after retiring in 2006, however, that he became a success outside of the ring.

Now a trainer and motivational speaker, Mero uses his experience to make others feel better. Wrestling Inc.'s Michael Wiseman was able to speak to Mero at WrestleCade last weekend. While people were there to see the man who entertained them on TV, he is more than that. Mero's current work with children is something to behold.

"There is no greater joy than helping out another person," Mero stated. "I started a program called Champion of Choices, this is my twelfth year speaking at schools. We talk to students about anti-bullying, suicide prevention, substance abuse and the depression and anxiety that kids are facing today. Its unimaginable some of the things we've went through as kids compared to the kids today."

When speaking at schools or other programs, Mero tries to leave the best advice he can give. In a world full of questions, Mero hopes his words can help people better understand it all.

"First of all, we all go through stuff, life is not easy. There are two types of people in the world: People who say something needs to be done, and then there's someone who says I want to go out there and do something," Mero continued. "I've been guilty most of my life saying something needs to be done. I wanted to make a difference, I want to go out there and share my stories. We all have a voice. As more people start using their voice, the more people start getting engaged and help people, realizing that we are hurting in some way. If we help each other, if we start praying for each other more than talking about each other, things will change."

If there were any parting words Marc would give, especially on his tombstone, it would be a few simple words of encouragement. It is something he holds very dear to his heart and hope others keep it as well.

"Don't quit. Never give up, man. Life is precious and so are you."

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Michael Wiseman contributed to this article.