Matt Hardy Discusses How A "Woken" RAW GM Would Work

Matt Hardy has been on the shelf since August while he lets his body heal from over two decades in the ring. He's dabbled as a backstage producer and did a Halloween special for WWE Network, but Hardy has another WWE role in mind.


Hardy has interest in being the Raw General Manager as "Woken" Matt Hardy. He further talked about his ideas if given that title in an interview with Wrestling Inc.'s Akhilesh Gannavarapu.

"Baron Corbin is obviously a character in the role of abusing his power and putting the good guys in bad situations and taking advantage of it," Hardy stated.

"I think coming in [as GM], it would be a fresh start considering I would be a good guy in many ways. Woken Matt Hardy in being the character he is, and how over the top he is, I think he would be very entertaining in a General Manager role. I could put guys in unique situations or matches. My interactions with each and every talent would be so unique.

"I think the funnest thing between Broken Matt Hardy and Woken Matt Hardy was the interaction I had with other performers. I think if you have Woken Matt Hardy interacting with the women's division and all the different athletes of the men's division, I think there would be so much entertaining tv there."


The Hardy Boyz really made their name at SummerSlam 2000 when they took part in the first-ever TLC match alongside Edge and Christian and the Dudleys. Matt Hardy reminisced about those early matches and how the impact of them is still evident in WWE today.

"It was the matches that put us on the map and made us Superstars in many ways and it also allowed us the opportunity to go out and do things that had never been done before," said Matt. "Myself and my brother, when we were doing independent matches before we came to WWE, we used to have a lot of matches against each other where I would be Surge Matt Hardy and he would be Willow the Wisp wearing a mask."

Matt and Jeff used some of the ideas from those matches and pitched them to WWE. One of those ideas was that of a ladder match and Matt said Edge and Christian would make great opponents because of their athleticism and the chemistry between the two teams.

Soon after, the Dudleys were added and history was made.

"We integrated the Dudley Boyz and tables and that's where all of the TLC insanity began. To me, being one of the forefathers that started that movement, it's very cool that TLC is now a pay-per-view and a staple of WWE history. It's cool to be a performer that created something that became a mainstay in WWE," Matt said.


Matt also discussed the WWE tryouts that are heading to India next year and said he wished he had that opportunity when first starting out.

"I think it's a great opportunity for anyone that's an inspiring WWE Superstar," said Matt. "When Jeff and I first started, we didn't have an opportunity to go somewhere and get in front of WWE management. We were driving up and down the east coast and networking and hoping to catch a break one day."

Matt noted how aspiring wrestlers can go sign up at WWE's Performance Center website in order to get an opportunity in front of the people in charge at WWE.

"If they see something special, something that stands out or the "it" factor, it could gain you the chance to become a WWE Superstar and that's a golden opportunity and one I wouldn't pass up," stated Matt.

You can watch the full interview with Hardy in the video above.